4 Signs that you need Slab Foundation Repair

Your home’s foundation is important, and significant foundation damage can lead to major issues later on. In the end, if left untreated, a poor foundation can leave your home inhabitable. While you may be taking care of your house, foundation can simply corrode over time due to changes in soil and natural climate. Make sure that you are looking for these signs to solve the problem quickly and avoid future issues.


While small cracks may seem harmless or insignificant, they can be important signs that your foundation is changing and needs to be repaired. Inside your home, look for cracks that begin to appear in your drywall or floor and tile. These indicate damage due to the house shifting. You will also want to look for cracks in your garage and on the exterior of the house.


Typically, you may not noticing slanting floors, but pay attention to small details. First, notice if your furniture seems straight or tilted, and definitely pay close attention if things frequently roll off of surfaces. You can also investigate floorboards or trim. If they seem misaligned then you likely have a foundation issue.

Sticking Doors

If your doors are difficult to open or shut, it is likely due to a shift in the floor. You can also look for this in cabinet doors, as they will be affected in the same way.


Notice pieces of your home like floorboards, gutters or doors begin that have pulled away from the rest of the home leaving gaps. It is very likely that shifts in the foundation are causing connections to break.

It is important to notice these signs in your home to catch problems before it gets too late. You want to make sure and protect your home by getting foundation issues repaired. For information on foundation repair solutions in Poway click here.


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