What Is Basement Underpinning?

The foundation of your home is an important piece in maintaining its structural integrity and protecting your family. Overtime, foundation can become weak or corroded, and it is important to fix it while you can. Basement underpinning offers an easy and efficient option to increase the strength of your home.

When Do You Need Underpinning?

It may be easy to ignore your foundation and assume everything is ok, but you want to make sure that you are looking out for signs that you might need to call a contractor. You want to consider underpinning when the original foundation was not strong enough for the structure. You may be able to identify this by cracking or slanting in the floor of your home. Additionally, if the soil around your home has changed, if there has been recent adjacent digging or building, if you have made changes to the structure of your home or if there has been a recent drought, earthquake or flood, you will want to consider underpinning.

What Is The Procedure?

While there are several options to increase the strength or your foundation, basement underpinning is the easiest and most efficient. During the process, contractors will excavate sections of soil located throughout the basement. They will then fill these sections with concrete. Over time, the holes can be dug deeper to further strengthen it.

The stability of your home is essential to its preservation. Having your foundation strengthened can be an important piece in maintaining your house. For more information on concrete underpinning in Chula Vista click here.


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