Where to Install Your Seawall

When building a seawall, your first impulse may be to simply followyour property line. However, building a strong barrier with good erosion resistance requires a more deliberate approach.

Local laws may significantly impact where and how you add a seawall. Seawalls always have some level of impact on the marine ecosystem, so their designs and locations are sometimes tightly regulated.

The slope and weight of your land must be considered. The barrier must be located where it can adequately hold back the mass of your property’s soil. In some cases, regrading may be necessary.

The nature and density of the underlying earth must be suitable. If it’s too hard, it might not be possible to dig deep enough for adequate support posts for the seawall. If it’s too soft, it may not be able to withstand the energies of the water or keep your land from washing away. It may even erode right from under the wall.

The question of where to build a seawall is more complex than it may initially seem. However, if you consider the law, the terrain, and the supporting earth, you can identify optimal locations for a sturdy barrier that will protect your property for years. Click here for more information about concrete seawalls in Oak island to make your project a success.


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